High Performance Diffusers

High Performance Diffusers LGM carries the Smartair Diffusion brand which designs and manufactures a wide range of high performance diffusers specialising in underfloor, long throw and low-draght applications.

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre

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Linear Multistream Ceiling Diffuser: LMC-AD

Fixed Helical Swirl Diffuser: HSC-FD

Inclined Floor Swirl Diffuser: ISF-AD

Auditorium Floor Swirl Diffuser: ASF-AD

Circular Nozzle: CNW-AD

Auditorium Step Swirl Diffuser: CSS-FD

Brochure: LMC-AD

Brochure: HSC-FD

Brochure: ISF-AD

Brochure: ASF-AD

Brochure: CNW-AD

Brochure: CSS-FD

Performance Calculator: LMC-AD

Performance Calculator: HSC-FD

Performance Calculator: ISF-AD

Performance Calculator: ASF-AD

Performance Calculator: CNW-AD

Performance Calculator: CSS-FD

Project References

NUS Yale Auditorium Singapore

MTQ Factory Bahrain

Nanyang Technological University Singapore

Luxury Residence Singapore

Stamford American International Singapore

GSK Asian Headquarters Singapore

Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Singapore